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Title: Commit Your Way
Date: Jul 28, 2014
Topic(s): God's Care, Sin/Temptation

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Donna Amidon: With some encouraging words, here's John Munro with today's Bible Minute.

John Munro: Today some of you are struggling with a particular temptation. Some of you are discouraged. Some of you are looking for direction. Some of you have allowed guilt or shame to paralyze you. Here is the encouragement: Your Heavenly Father not only hears you, not only loves you, but will answer as you pray in the Spirit.

So commit each day, each situation, each moment to the Lord. Consciously abide in Christ as the true vine and draw on His resources, His wisdom, His power, His grace, His compassion and His truth. Our enemy wants you to doubt God. But God's promises never fail. Therefore today trust and love God with all of your heart.

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