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Title: Active Love
Date: Sep 23, 2014
Topic(s): God's Love

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God's love is active love, as you'll see with today's Bible Minute.

John 3:16 talks about the breadth of God's love, the depth of God's love. But notice that this is a verb we're talking about here. "For God so loved the world...." It's the action of God loving the world that's seen in this verse.

He gave His only begotten Son. God gives His greatest gift--and that's His Son, Jesus. This is the person who means the most to God. And yet you mean enough to God for Him to give up the life of His Son to save you.

This is the love of God that says to the entire world, "You are so valuable to Me--your ethnic background, your culturally diverse world--every one of you is so valuable to Me, I'm willing to give up My Son for every one of you."

Now, that's real love! Find out more about God's love at


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