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Title: Hallowed Be Your Name
Date: Apr 23, 2014
Topic(s): Prayer

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Tami Weissert: Looking at Luke 11 and the Lord's Prayer, here's Bible Teacher John Munro with today's Bible Minute.

John Munro: Jesus gives us this prayer, but He gives us this pattern not to be mindlessly repeated as a magical formula, but rather He gives us a pattern. There are five requests: two relate to God's purposes, and three relate to our needs.

The first request relates to God's purpose. "Father, hallowed be your name." Now this word "hallowed" is a strange word to us. But it means to treat God's name as holy, to hold God in reverence and to respond to God with worship and obedience. God's glory, not our comfort, is the supreme purpose of prayer.

Tami Weissert: So are you giving God glory when you pray? This is the Bible Minute. To learn more from God's Word, come to


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